How do I sign up to receive Oz Vs Them?

You can sign up to receive the Oz Vs Them email by filling in your email address in the box on the homepage of www.ozvsthem.com.au

Very occasionally the box doesn't appear. This is likely to be because the device you are viewing the website on does not have JavaScript enabled. This can be a problem if you are using a company email address, because of security settings, or if you are using a mobile device that doesn't allow this functionality.

The easiest way round the problem is to send us an email at hello@ozvsthem.com and we will add you to our mailing list.

I've signed up but I'm still not receiving Oz Vs Them

If you have already registered but don't seem to receiving the email, this could be because your email service provider has classified the email as junk mail. Although we make every effort to ensure that this doesn't happen, the individual settings of email accounts sometimes mean that emails don't get through to your inbox. In order to rectify this, you should add daily@daily@email.ozvsthem.com.au to you inbox safe list.

If you are using a work email address then your company mail filters may be the problem. In some companies, junk mail is filtered by the IT department into a central location meaning that it won't appear in your individual junk mail folders. You can speak nicely to your IT department and ask to have the domain @daily@email.ozvsthem.com.au added to your company whitelist, or alternatively sign up with a personal email account.

There are also a number of email address formats we are unable to broadcast to. Examples of these are info@ and contact@. These are removed by our system due to the fact that quite often these email addresses are used to email multiple users across a company and can easily be targeted by spammers.

How can I unsubscribe from Oz Vs Them?

We really don't want you to unsubscribe but, if you feel OzVsThem just isn't for you, then you can stop receiving it by clicking on the unsubscribe link in any email.

I enjoy reading Oz Vs Them but I don't want to receive it every day. Can I make my subscription less frequent?

When clicking on the unsubscribe link you will see there is also an option to change your frequency. If you decide you still want to receive Oz Vs Them, but you'd just rather have it less often, than simply choose which days you would like and click finish.

What are Partnership emails?

Partnership emails are messages from carefully selected brands we feel you would be interested in hearing about. These are companies that have paid to advertise with Oz Vs Them that we feel provide a product or service that is of interest to our readers.