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So what's the deal with Oz Vs Them?

  • Oz Vs Them is a quick, free, weekly(ish) email

    We keep you up to speed on the most relevant digital media and technology news from Australia ("Oz") and around the world ("Them"). We curate stories, data, presentations, blog posts and videos that explore the day's digital media agenda.
    We are mobile first, with an exclusively digital focus.
  • We find good ideas for others to steal

    We highlight attempts at innovation and figure out what makes them succeed or fail. These help leaders to continually improve and refine their online strategies.
    We don't pretend to have all the answers. But we do know a lot of smart people who have a lot of invaluable learnings.
  • We champion Australian digital media

    The internet has brought forth an unprecedented flowering of news, entertainment and information. But it has also destabilised traditional business models.
    We want to help traditional Australian organisations, or multinationals located in Australia, find ways to survive and prosper.
We aim to:

We aim to:

  • Prepare you for the week ahead: each week we keep you in-the-know via a briefing delivered to your inbox.
  • Keep you informed: our emphasis is on the why and what behind the news - the "so what's" rather than "breaking" news.
  • Save you time: we select the most relevant stories for you, so you don't have to spend time scanning multiple sites.
  • Support your decision making: our mix of stories provide context and thought starters for you. They challenge business models, and highlight best practice and learnings from around the world.
We only cover what is relevant

We only cover what is relevant

We're not going to waste our time or yours with things that suck. Initially, our stories are selected based on a mixture of data and human judgement with all Oz Vs Them'ers receiving the same briefing.

This is just the start. In the medium term we will create additional bespoke analysis from our own team and contributor network, with an emphasis on factual data-driven journalism. From time to time we will organise offline events to debate and share insights around the key topics of the day.

In the longer term our plan is to build personalisation technology that will use social graph data, with your permission, to select the unmissable stories from your own Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds so you don't have to spend valuable time scanning news streams all day long. These individual stories will be tailored to you.

We will always be in beta

We will always be in beta

Oz Vs Them is an experiment, and we will always be "in beta". That means that we will always be updating our code and the tools we use, and getting them up and running as soon as possible. Which inevitably means bugs and glitches.

We'd love your feedback on what we are doing, what you like, and any problems you have using Oz Vs Them.

Email us:  hello@ozvsthem

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